Top 10 Strategies to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

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One of the fundamental concepts of Title Fraud is the collection of your personal information to commit an offence. However, you can do your part to prevent a thief from stealing both your info and your identity. Here are the TOP 10 strategies that can help protect you from identity theft: Keep personal information secure Read More

Top Ways to Protect Yourself from Mortgage Title Fraud

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When you invest in a home, you are also acquiring the title to the property. You will be registered as the new homeowner of the property in the provincial land title office.   Unlike with mortgage fraud, title fraud is a form of identity theft. This means that your personal information is gathered and used Read More

Purchasing a Home with a Secondary Suite (In-Law Suite)

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Are you trying to find affordable housing options in Kelowna [or in the Okanagan]? But you are having no luck with the very few choices that are available on the current market… Well, maybe you should consider purchasing a home with a secondary suite. According to a recent announcement by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Read More

Do Gas Fireplaces Save You Money?

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[W]intertime is one of my favorite times of the year. There is nothing better on a cold snowy day than curling up beside a warm fire and drinking hot coco with marshmallows and a gas fireplace can provide that clean burning option.  With a simple flick of a switch, bang…you have an instant heat source! Read More

How do I Build Great Credit and How can I Raise My Credit Score

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Once you have checked your credit bureau and paid the twenty-something bucks to get your credit score (Fico score) here is how it works. Scores range from 300 (worst) to 900 (best) and everything over 680 is considered AAA. With a few Lenders more options become available with a score over 700. If your score Read More

What affects my credit score (Beacon score)?

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Credit reporting agencies factor in how new the credit is, the number of payments over 30 days late, collections, judgments, and bankruptcies. A single 30-day late payment can drop your score 15-20 points.

What is a Credit Bureau and where can I find my credit score?

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Something that is very important in the world of finance is your credit rating. Great credit opens doors while bad credit can restrict you for years. This article is going to be focused on how to build and maintain a AAA Credit Rating. You might think that you have great credit but if you haven’t Read More

5 Strategies Millennials Leverage When Buying Real Estate

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The Millennial population consists of those who were born between 1980 and 1999, totaling approximately 9 million people.  The oldest of this demographic are now at a common age when first time home buyers consider the purchase of their first home.   This will very likely be the biggest and most important purchase in their life Read More

Who Does Your Banker Work For?

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This may seem like a simple question with an obvious answer, but there are very few people who actually consider this question when seeking mortgage advice. Whether you deal with a bank employee or a mobile mortgage representative (who also works for the bank), you must understand that their main goal is to look out Read More

How do I Network and How do I Increase the Number of Contacts in my Data Base

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How do I Network and How do I Increase the Number of Contacts in my Data Base Part l Networking skills are essential if you want to build your client base and they are absolutely crucial when it comes to developing business relationships. You are Self Employed……..Now What Years ago I left a professional career Read More